How to Safely Buy Medicine Online

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Did you know that sham medications are the most lucrative counterfeit goods and Africa accounts for 42 percent of cases? The rise of online pharmacies, however, is helping people get the medications they need in a safe manner.

If you want to buy medicine online, however, you have to know how to do so safely. With all of the online drug store options, how can you be sure you are buying safely? Let us look at some ways to safely buy medicine online.

1) Buy Medicine Online From Credible Sources

The online drug store you choose to purchase from has to be one that is reputable and that has quality products. Look for reviews to see what experiences other people had purchasing from that pharmacy. If you see one or two negative reviews, that is normal, but be on the lookout for people having the same issue many times with the medication they purchase or with customer service.

Most sites have client testimonials, but also consider turning to third-party review sites to get honest feedback.

Look for the appropriate licenses, as well. Pharmacies operating in Nigeria must have approval from the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria to be a good source of medicine. If you do not see this approval, you do not want to purchase your medicine from them.

The pharmacy you choose should have a physical address and a phone number in the country.

2) Consider Prices

You want to do a bit of price comparison before deciding on the online pharmacy you choose to purchase from. If you see that the prices are too low, this is a sign the provider may not be reputable. Prices that are substantially below the standard rates could be counterfeit.

3) Prescriptions

If you need prescription medications, you have to ensure the pharmacy asks for them. You should never purchase prescription medicine from a pharmacy that does not require proof that a doctor has prescribed it.

That can be another sign that the drugs are counterfeit. They may not be effective and they can even be dangerous.

4) Security

When safely buying medicines online, you need the online pharmacy to list their security as well as their privacy settings. The online platform has to be able to protect your private and medical information and they should never give out that information unless you sign an agreement.

Many pharmacies have privacy statements, so take the time to look through the site for them. Some even have data protection policies you can read.

5) Shop Safely

When you buy medicine online, you want to take the necessary steps to make certain you are buying from the right pharmacy. A reputable online pharmacy will ask for prescriptions when necessary and will have average price ranges. Read customer reviews, as well, to get a sense of what you can expect. is the online presence of Malbo Pharmacy and we are here to ensure you get the medicine you need in a safe manner. Get in touch today to know more about our services!



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