5 Signs You Should Be Taking Daily Multivitamins

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A balanced and nutrient-dense diet is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise, mindfulness, and community all play a big part in our overall condition, but if your diet is missing important nutrients, there are all sorts of effects—some, you'll notice, some you won't.

But should you be supplementing your diet with daily multivitamins? Does everyone need multivitamins? We're going to take a look at some of the signs of vitamin deficiency and how they can affect your health.

Keep reading to discover what these signs are, and how a multivitamin can help.

1) Fatigue

One of the clearest signs that you may have a vitamin deficiency is fatigue.

If your body is missing out on certain vitamins, it can affect your energy levels and leave you feeling like even the simplest of tasks is an effort.

In the simplest terms, vitamins help your cells and organs to work as they should. If your body is having to work harder to function, this will take its toll on your energy levels and manifest as tiredness and fatigue.

Taking a daily multivitamin could give you a natural energy boost.

2) A Poor Diet

While a poor diet isn't really a "sign" of a vitamin deficiency, you're almost guaranteed to be missing out on certain nutrients if your diet doesn't include some of the following;

  • leafy greens—these are full of vitamins A and D
  • colorful fruit and vegetables—peppers, sweetcorn, citrus fruits
  • root vegetables—potato, squash, carrots
  • nuts, seeds, and grains

There's a misconception that a healthy diet means you never eat unhealthy foods. For most people, this is unsustainable.

However, if you do feel that your diet is lacking some of the above, a multivitamin can help minimize the effects.

3) Frequent Illnesses

If you find that you are getting sick more often than normal, or you can't seem to shake colds and you seem to get one after another, it could be a sign that your immune system isn't functioning as well as possible.

One of the best ways you can boost your immunity naturally is by increasing your vitamin intake through a daily multivitamin.

4) You've Had a Chronic Illness Diagnosis

A chronic illness is one that is long-lasting and/or persistent.

It'll be taxing on your immune system, so even if you already follow a balanced diet, a multivitamin could help your body work as efficiently as possible and allow you to manage your condition.

In these cases, a doctor might even recommend a multivitamin.

5) You're Vegan

There is somewhat of a vegan revolution going on in culture at the moment, but something that the advocates for veganism might not tell you is that you could be missing out on some important nutrients by completely cutting out animal-based foods.

Meat is rich in Vitamin B12, which is an important nutrient in supporting brain health, as well as cell production.

A multivitamin can fill the gap that a vegan diet causes.

6) Daily Multivitamins Are Almost Always a Good Idea

Unless you're someone who has a perfectly balanced diet, all the time, daily multivitamins are probably worth taking.

There aren't any adverse side effects if you don't take them excessively, and you'll notice a difference in your energy levels fairly quickly.

If you have more questions about any of the multivitamins we sell, don't hesitate to get in touch. Why not check out some of the other articles on our blog, too?

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